About us

We are a New York City based company founded by three friends. Being in the hub of NYC, we are always on the go and we found that sometimes it was hard to find the time and place to drink a cup of matcha every day. So we set out to come up with a more convenient and tasty way for people to enjoy the Superfood Powers of Matcha Green Tea. One night, late at work, Adam thought to himself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could have matcha in a gummy form?” The next day the company was born. We carefully selected our ingredients to be without any artificial coloring or flavoring and without gelatin!

If you want a delicious gummy bear that both satisfies your sweet tooth and is made from the highest quality Matcha then try these. There are many different reasons customers have told us why they love them and we can’t wait to hear yours!

We are so excited for you to share in these delicious Superfood Matcha Gummy Bears!

Adam Dadi

Jahangir Chaudary

Ben Mirsky