Work-Life balance, Looking and Feeling Younger with Age.

A lot of us go through school stressed out over an uncertain future. Others have their careers well-planned, years in advance, only to see things not turn out as perfectly as intended. Regardless, our minds are distraught as we try to take control of our lives.

We want to remind our readers to not take life too seriously. This week, we’re giving out advice on stress management, while trying to feel and look good! Our intentions are not only to help you shape a better life, but actually enjoy and live it!

Start by laughing more! The saying goes, “work hard, play hard.” We’re not telling people to throw out responsibility, but more simply that every aspect of life cannot be controlled. Meditate, learn to let those things go, some wrinkles can’t be worked out if you’re constantly applying pressure to them.

Let’s focus on some of the things we can do, starting today! If you’re consuming a bottle of wine every night, try toning it down to half a bottle. Or save it for the weekend! If you are a smoker, take into consideration the effects tobacco has on your skin. As tobacco is a major accelerator in your skins natural aging process.

Maintain your skin and appearance, we definitely recommend moisturizing daily. Implementing a skincare routine can be meditative as you get into the routine of treating yourself. You don’t need a 20-step skincare routine, but you should treat your body respectfully. A quick face mask can get you feeling energized and fresh! It’s also a great way to build up a sleeping habit (something we mentioned in our previous blog post)!

Most importantly, you have to eat healthy. Another saying you’ve probably heard of before, “you are what you eat.” This statement is true! If you eat that late night Jack In The Box munchie meal you’re going to feel groggy and miserable! It’s great to indulge on occasion, but keep in mind your overall health. A balanced and healthy diet will naturally nourish your skin and make your overall well-being better. Consume foods that are rich with antioxidants to strengthen your heart, such as nuts and seeds. Matter-of-fact, foods that contain seeds are known to benefit your skin and provide a natural boost in energy! When you’re short on time, remember that MatchaBears is always a convenient supplement to help you out.

Exercise frequently and meditate to reduce stress. Get started with some low-impact activities, such as yoga and the addition of breathing exercises. Running is also a great activity to get into, as it requires no gym membership and no equipment. All it takes is a pair of shoes and your commitment. Get started by going at your own pace, don’t set a goal of running 3 miles for your first day. Do whatever you can and build every day with every step. By the time summer hits you might be signing up and training for your first half marathon!

All these things we’ve discussed have some sort of direct impact on your energy and overall outlook on life. It is oftentimes hard to maintain a good work-life balance, but implementing some of these ideas into your daily life will definitely have a positive effect, both mentally and physically. You may see immediate results from some of these actions, but for most of them, you will need to make the commitment time and time again. So follow through on some of these suggestions and get excited for the future!

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