Valentine’s Day Vacation

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day! Bouquet of deep red roses, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Kay Jewelry, bright pink stuffed animals and MatchaBears.

Valentine’s Day will be here before the week ends, we’re a little over the usual flowers and chocolates here at MatchaBears. Therefore, this week's post we’re going to offer alternatives that are sure to please your significant other and don’t worry, we’re not suggesting Tiffany co. necklaces either.
You can make Valentine’s Day whatever you want, a casual night in on the couch with Netflix or perhaps an extravagant night out with a bottle of Bordeaux over a candlelit dinner. Don’t forget though, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship — you can choose either option!

Our gift ideas are going to offer variety, suitable for everyone — regardless of your dating status. More importantly, our ideas are health conscious, allowing you to indulge throughout the day however you want. Knowing that you can continue your fitness goals while also enjoying the holiday.

Got a yoga mat? Then it’s time to add to your arsenal with a foam roller! I love my double roller from Lululemon, but don’t let the price stray you away from getting an essential item to keep your body feeling fresh. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that will suit your budget and demands. A simple search on Amazon will get you some nice results, I prefer a roller with ridges, such as this one from 321 Foam Roller. Or perhaps this one from TriggerPoint will suit you better — no ridges that protrude, but some nice added texture. If these aren’t for you, grab a basic foam roller anywhere else! I love rolling out the knots in my body at night, after a long day of hauling myself around the city.

Moving forward, two weeks ago we talked about flu season and some tea suggestions to covert you over from coffee. It is only suitable that this week we recommend a tea steeper. Better yet, if you already had chocolates planned for the occasion, you now have something to pair it with! Start Valentine’s Day morning with some nicely steeped tea and some biscuits. Feel extravagant at home, make some homemade sandwiches to make it all the more special!

While you’re on Amazon, add our last suggestion to your cart — MatchaBears! Possibly the best gift for any occasion, we have the formula to get you ready for Valentine’s Day and then propel you through the rest of the year! Packed with antioxidants, gluten-free and completely vegan. Get a bottle, containing 60 chewable MatchaBears, a gift guaranteed to last through the holiday.
We hope these suggestions help show your significant other that you care about them and more importantly, that you were thinking about them. If you are single during this period of time, get these gifts for yourself! It is important to preach self-love and self-worth, so don’t make single awareness day a big deal!

Above all else, we here at MatchaBears wish you love, happiness and joy throughout this coming week! Hoping you do your best to fill yourself up with that love!

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