New Year, New You. Sticking to Your Resolutions

Gyms are packed with new members during the first few weeks of the new year. Everyone motivated to make a change in their lives. However, often times we set New Year’s resolutions then lose the commitment by Valentine’s Day. With that said, let’s make 2019 a special year. Here are our top tips from the MatchaBears’ team that will help you stay on track towards your goals.

Small Steps

Whatever your goal may be, we encourage you to take things one step at a time. Break things up into smaller objectives, such as cutting sugar or carbohydrates out of your diet. Then you can slowly start cleaning up other aspects in your routine, overtime you may even find it enjoyable to do meal preparation. However, don’t get overwhelmed by everything at once, no one is forcing you to count your macros from the beginning. Start small, a rollercoaster always begins with a build up before the adventure and fun starts. Accomplishing these small goals will get you excited for the next one. Resolutions require consistency and time commitment. Over the course of the year you will notice how much you have progressed by dedicating the time and effort into each day.

“I don’t have enough time.”

Time is Relative

The reality of your dreams is that things take time to come to fruition. When you think of your goals you might think that a year is too long of a time and too long of a commitment. Make the commitments now and you will have them for the rest of your life. Who and where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Time really does fly, and before you know it we will be doing another blog post about New Year’s resolutions. Health and wellness is especially important in the new year. As the year builds up and our schedules become more and more hectic, we tend to give up on our goals stating, “I don’t have enough time.” You must be willing to make the time for your commitments if you want to see change.

Love Yourself

Most importantly, everyone is growing and on their own paths. It is crucial that you learn to love yourself. Everyone is working to better themselves, moving through life at a different pace. It is great to take inspiration from others, but don’t be dismayed if they have something that you do not. You can work towards those goals. Change takes time, if you want something you must go after it, as things do not automatically come to us for free. Life is a journey that must be taken one step at a time, loving yourself is essential to navigate through the ups and downs. If you want to stick to your goals you need to be healthy in order to live long enough to make all the dreams come true. Love yourself and take on the world head first, make 2019 yours.

Matcha Mentality

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay strong and prosperous. Like everything else in life, it takes time to build good habits. Replace a few cups of coffee with MatchaBears. We help individuals stay on track towards their goals. Allowing everyone to take big leaps towards a better quality of life. Go forward in this coming year with the matcha mentality. MatchaBears is perfect, as our serving sizes are small and friendly, allowing you to slowly bring yourself into a healthier lifestyle. Looking after you as the calendar year changes to start anew.

We hope these tips will help guide you towards an even better 2019.

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