MatchaBears for the Holidays!

Closing off 2018 with a new beginning


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A healthy outside starts from the inside - Robert Urich

Kickstarting this Wednesday hump day with our first blog post! Just in time for the holidays. Only fulfilled thanks to the use of our very own, MatchaBears.

As people are scrambling for gift ideas for their loved ones, we thought it best to add some of our own insights to make these times less stressful and all the more enjoyable. Let’s begin the festivities with 10 ways you can enjoy MatchaBears over the holidays! The perfect stocking stuffer, from our family to yours!

  1. You can fit a bottle of MatchaBears almost anywhere! Your purse, your Supreme backpack, gym duffle, yoga mat sling, your beanie, maybe even your jeans!

  2. Enjoy 2 MatchaBears per day throughout the work week. Total that up to 10 and you’re almost guaranteed a productive week in the office!

  3. Put a bottle of MatchaBears inside your bathroom cabinet to surprise your significant other. They will be glad to know that you’re thoughtful and conscious of their health from the very start of each day!

  4. Attending a White Elephant holiday gathering? MatchaBears is your best option, ensuring that there will always be a desirable item for all your friends to fight over.

  5. It’s cold here in New York City, no problem for us though. Sleep in an extra 10 minutes and skip the morning coffee! 4 MatchaBears will suffice! Save the money and time so that you can spend it on something more productive, like purchasing MatchaBears for your friends and family!

  6. Eat a cheeseburger with fries, add a milkshake as well. Mashed potatoes, turkey, macaroni and cheese, it’s all on the menu this time of year. Work it all off afterwards while taking a few MatchaBears to keep you active and focused!

  7. Is your significant other being a pest while you’re trying to get work done? No problem, MatchaBears solves this problem as well. Throw the bottle at them! Recyclable and environmentally friendly!

  8. Don't get pulled over for drinking and driving. Take some MatchaBears instead, keeping you focused on the road while you enjoy the holiday jingles.

  9. Your spot buddy at the gym looks like they've had a long day in the office? Let them pop a few MatchaBears, 60 in each bottle is plenty to share for everyone! Make sure you're safe by ensuring your spotter is paying attention!

  10. Going to a holiday potluck at work? Have some MatchaBears bottles to hand out as gifts. Great for leaving a lasting impression on all your coworkers, while making it seem like you care about them!

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

  1. Bonus! If you’re doing last minute Secret Santa shopping we have you covered with two-day free shipping on Amazon Prime ! Gift a bottle of MatchaBears to your matcha loving friend as the best present available for under $25!

This is just a quick list of the many ways you can enjoy MatchaBears this holiday season, allowing you to indulge while also being committed to a better healthy lifestyle. Hope you enjoyed some of our suggestions as we continue to grow with all of you into 2019.

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