Steps to Building All-Day Energy

People feed off each other’s energy, so this week we’re going to focus on maintaining good energy and a positive outlook on life!

Starting with one of the most important things in our daily routine — sleep.

Having a good nights rest is essential for ensuring a great day. As we’ve reiterated before, it is important to be consistent. Sleeping is one good habit you want to have. Remember when you were young and you would complain to your parents because you had a bed time? Now that we’re older, setting a time for yourself to go to bed helps create consistency! By consistently having a good nights rest you will slowly see that your mornings are much more lively and energetic.

By scheduling a set time to be in bed, you are setting yourself up for success the next day. Even if you aren’t always going to be waking up at the same time each morning, simply having a bed time will give you some time for yourself. You’ll start to see how important something so small can impact your life in the best ways. Setting a bed time for yourself could be one of the hardest things for you to do, you might like late nights out, or maybe you like to lay in bed and spend an extra hour browsing Instagram. Having a strict bedtime will help reinforce good habits, allowing you the opportunity to start each new day fresh, lively and full of energy.

We encourage you to start building new habits and hobbies. Like going out for a short walk around the block — soak in that vitamin D! Start venturing into healthier eating, start small by substituting your breakfast with smoothies and fruits. Of course we want everyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t need to rush into getting a gym membership. Some people may have multiple goals at once, such as quitting alcohol and starting up at the gym. This may be too overwhelming for you to do all at once. A big change in pace can be too ambitious, which is why people usually end up leaving their fitness goals unfinished. We want to encourage our readers to get into short and quick workouts, slowly building up a routine that suits you. This will help boost your energy mid-day and of course if that isn’t enough, MatchaBears is always a convenient source of L-theanine, giving you the perfect calming focus to get you through the rest of the day.

Taking control of your life doesn’t happen all at once, but you have to show up in order to get started! Showing up to a yoga class, or getting onto the treadmill is usually the hardest part for individuals. The gym’s atmosphere might be too intimidating, or the idea of a treadmill can seem all too dreadful. Start small, do a quick workout at home every night, a dozen push-ups and pull-ups will get you going! Set yourself up for success, build up to those hurdles in your life. Like everything else — invest the time into the practice and eventually it will turn into a skill, sooner or later it becomes something you enjoy!

In short, good sleep leads to good health, followed by a good life and good energy. Take the steps every day and you’ll see just how far you’ve come!

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